Nidra Yoga

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Praesent nec orci at nulla consequat congue ut non arcu. Integer rutrum ante et nunc venenatis, id ultricies risus ultricies. Sed auctor augue id tellus lacinia, nec ultricies est fermentum.


45 min


Monday - Friday

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Nidra Yoga

Nidra Yoga, also known as Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep, is a powerful meditation practice that guides practitioners into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. Unlike other forms of yoga that focus on physical postures, Nidra Yoga is practiced lying down, making it accessible to all and particularly effective for reducing stress and promoting healing.

Key Features of Nidra Yoga:

  • Guided Meditation: A teacher leads the practice through a series of instructions and visualizations, helping practitioners reach a state of profound relaxation.
  • Resting Position: Typically practiced lying in Savasana (Corpse Pose) or another comfortable position, allowing complete physical relaxation.
  • Systematic Relaxation: Focuses on progressively relaxing different parts of the body, usually starting from the feet and moving upward.
  • Inner Awareness: Encourages awareness of the inner landscape, including sensations, emotions, thoughts, and visualizations.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Enhances the connection between mind and body, promoting healing and balance.
  • Non-Physical Practice: Unlike active yoga styles, Nidra Yoga involves minimal physical movement, focusing instead on mental relaxation and awareness.

Benefits of Nidra Yoga:

  • Deep Relaxation: Induces a state of deep relaxation, significantly reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  • Improved Sleep: Helps combat insomnia and promotes better sleep patterns by calming the nervous system.
  • Mental Clarity: Clears mental clutter and enhances focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Emotional Healing: Facilitates the release of deep-seated emotions and trauma, promoting emotional well-being.
  • Physical Healing: Supports the body's natural healing processes, aiding in recovery from illness and injury.
  • Increased Energy: Leaves practitioners feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, boosting overall energy levels.
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Deepens self-awareness and mindfulness, fostering personal growth and inner peace.

Typical Nidra Yoga Session Structure:

  • Settling In: Participants lie down in a comfortable position, often with blankets and props for support.
  • Setting an Intention (Sankalpa): Practitioners set a positive intention or resolve for their practice.
  • Body Scan: A guided relaxation of each part of the body, from the toes to the head.
  • Breath Awareness: Focus on the natural rhythm of the breath to deepen relaxation.
  • Visualization: Guided imagery to evoke calming and healing mental images.
  • Affirmations: Positive affirmations or Sankalpa are repeated to reinforce personal intentions.
  • Gradual Awakening: Slowly bringing awareness back to the body and the present moment, gently ending the session.

How to Practice Nidra Yoga:

  • Prepare Your Space: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can lie down undisturbed. Use a yoga mat, blankets, and pillows for support.
  • Set an Intention: Before beginning, take a moment to set a positive intention (Sankalpa) for your practice.
  • Follow the Guidance: Use a guided Nidra Yoga recording or attend a class led by an instructor. Follow the instructions to relax each part of your body systematically.
  • Stay Aware: Maintain a state of relaxed awareness, avoiding falling asleep if possible. If you do fall asleep, it's okay; you'll still benefit from the practice.
  • Gently Return: As the session concludes, gradually bring your awareness back to the present moment, moving slowly as you sit up and transition out of the practice.

Nidra Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. It's an excellent practice for those seeking deep relaxation, stress relief, and inner healing. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, Nidra Yoga offers a restful and transformative experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

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